Update – January 9, 2020

Jan 9, 2020

The City of Toronto is currently in collective bargaining with TCEU Local 416 – CUPE (outside) and CUPE Local 79 (inside). The collective agreements for both Local 416 and Local 79 expired on December 31, 2019.

The City of Toronto is one of the fastest growing cities in North America and is committed to ensuring a service-oriented and engaged public service that delivers excellent cost-effective services for Toronto’s residents and businesses. The way the City does business is constantly evolving, so our collective agreements must, as well.

For the City, collective bargaining is not without its challenges, which range from how to be flexible to improve the way we do business and our evolving relationship with other levels of government.

Ultimately, our goal is to negotiate collective agreements that are affordable for the City and its residents, and that are fair to our employees.

As the City modernizes, it must continuously look at how it does business to ensure it maximizes efficiencies in order to deliver the services residents and business depend on day in and day out.

We believe that modern, sustainable collective agreements will make this achievable.

As is the norm in the course of bargaining, late last month the City requested that the Province appoint a conciliation officer to assist with negotiations. The City looks forward to working with the conciliation officer to achieve a negotiated collective agreement with Local 416. Bargaining with Local 79 continues.

The City’s objective is to negotiate collective agreements that build on previous rounds of bargaining, that are fair and reflect the important role City employees play in Toronto, and one that is affordable for the City’s residents and businesses.