Update – January 29, 2020

Jan 29, 2020


On Wednesday the bargaining teams for the City and CUPE local 416 will continue bargaining with the assistance of a provincially appointed conciliation officer. The bargaining teams last met on December 13, 2019.

The City remains committed to achieving a negotiated collective agreement that is fair to residents and employees and we look forward to working with the Union and the conciliation officer to achieve that goal.  

This round of bargaining has not been without its challenges. The bargaining teams have agreed to over 50 items; however, there are still a number of outstanding issues to discuss.  They include the following:

  • Wages
  • Job Security
  • Benefits
  • Parental Leave

Bargaining commenced on September 24, 2019, with the exchange of a full proposal. Since then:

  • 15 bargaining sessions have taken place, the City has tabled 17 proposal documents: 6 comprehensive proposal documents, 2 on Article 19 (Job Postings), 3 on Article 28 (Layoff & Recall), 1 on Article 47 (Letters of Agreement), 4 on Paramedic issues (2 comprehensive proposal documents related to full time Paramedics and 2 proposal documents related to part time Paramedics) and 1 on Sick Plan & Benefits
  • The Union has tabled 10 proposal documents:7 comprehensive proposal documents, 3 on Paramedic issues


The bargaining teams for the City and CUPE Local 79 have been meeting since December 5, 2019 and are continuing to bargain, without the aid of a conciliator.  During these talks, there was an exchange of complete proposals for each of the four collective agreements that are involved in collective bargaining.  Since then;

  • 15 bargaining sessions have taken place
  • The City has tabled 4 proposal documents per collective agreement: 2 comprehensive proposal documents, 1 on Article 14 (Transfers) and Article 15 (Job Postings) and 1 on Sick Plan & Benefits
  • The Union has tabled 5 proposal documents: 2 comprehensive proposal documents and 3 addenda
  • The teams have made progress on many items

Bargaining continues between the two parties and they are meeting regularly.